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Azurite Sun

Malbunka Copper Mines, Areyonga, NT, Australia


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(Azurite Sun/s on Kaolinite Clay) This one almost looks like an eye. 

Rare Azurite that formed in the shape resembling a Sun. If you’re a fan of Azurite it can’t get as amazing and interesting as that!
Azurite Suns are only known to be form one place in the world. Forming between Layers of clay called Kaolinite.
The Cobalt Blue of the Azurite is very striking against the white Kaolinite and is sure one of the ‘Must Have’s’ for any mineral collector.

Approximate measurements.

whole Specimen, including Azurite and Kaslinite Clay. 7cm x 5cm x 1.1cm

Just the Azurite Sun.  3.8cm x 2.8cm. Depth unknown. 

SKU: BTX583 TAG: Azurite Sun

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