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Banded Calcite Egg



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Marketed as Onyx for many years, both in New Zealand and overseas. This well-known stone has been carved and made into small animals, chess boards, bowls, large jugs and anything only limited by the imagination. For some time, we didn't see this stone on the market. But over the years it has made a comeback. Why the two names? In the past it was marketed as Onyx. However, we are a little bit savvy these days. One of the major suppliers that bring this stone into NZ actually went to get it gem tested. And it came back as..... Calcite. 

What's the difference between Onyx and Calcite. Having in mind the Mohs hardiness scale for stones. 1 being Talc, 10 being Diamond. Onyx has a hardness of 6-7.  Calcite a much softer stone sits at around 3 on the Hardness scale. So, there we go it's Calcite not an Onyx. However, some will still debate the fact. But you know what! Does it really matter? What matters is that you are informed, and you like what you're buying. 

Measurements are Approximate.

6.6cm long. 5cm at widest point. 225grams. 

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