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White Sage and Mugwort Smudge Stick -Made in NZ-

New Zealand


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White Sage and Mugwort, Dried to create a 100% authentic Smudge stick, right here in New Zealand. These are a good-sized Bundle so a little goes along way. Photos are example only. What is purchased will be similar.
Our gorgeous smudge sticks have been grown, sustainably and ethically in the sunny Bay of Plenty. Only harvested and produced in small baches, each individual Smudge Stick has been hand bound and dried to create an authentic 100% Kiwi Made, spray free Smudge Stick. Working in with nature from seed to harvest, flowing with the seasons and the rhythms of nature.
Each carefully crafted Smudge Stick is unapologetically rustic. No two are alike. Designed and made with the intention to be used. Not stuck in a shadow box or hanging, left to go yellow.
The Smudge Sticks are bound in 100% cotton string. As you use the smudge cut the cotton and re tie. By cutting the cotton back this gives you extra string to re tie and re bind the stick for the next time you use it. I little bit goes a long way, so this smudge stick can be used multiple times. A Paua shell or ceramic dish is recommended when burning/smudging to catch any embers. Always keep an eye on burning leaves and be mindful of people who are smoke sensitive. Between Smudges always make sure the smudge stick is no longer burning or smoldering. 
Once you have finished with your smudge stick and its completely out it can be stored in a dark dry place. Free from dampness. Smudge Sticks can set of smoke alarms. Please use common sense.
Solely sold for the purpose of Spiritual/metaphysical work/purposes, to clear negative vibes, energies from places. Not for culinary or internal uses.
There are a number of ways to smudge. You can find a lot of information in books, YouTube, the internet and from others. We recommend going with what sits well with you.
Blissful Things has a variety of smudge sticks and loose leaf available. Pick what sits well with you. Or go with the traditional meanings. Information given is just a brief description. Refer to other resources for more information. Please note smudge sticks will not smell like essential oil. They will be Smokey.
White Sage Traditionally used by the Native American Indians is a fantastic herb for clearing negative energies and thoughts in one’s home or workspace. 
Mugwort is said to be very protective, promotes healing and de-stress. 

Around 25cm Long

Price is per stick. 

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