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Septarian Dragon Egg



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The Material that Septarian Dragon Eggs have been made from, have also been Referred to as Septarian Nodule, Septarian or Septerye. 

A Septarian Nodule is a tri-colour concretion made up of Aragonite (brown), Calcite (yellow) (If any) and Limestone (grey). The name comes from the word ‘Septeria’. This normally refers to a concretion with internal cavities and cracks.
This Septarian Nodule was formed 50-70 million years ago during the Earths Cretaceous Period. Sea life during that time became attracted to the molten sediment that was produced by massive volcanic eruptions. Over time, as the sea life began to die, their chemical composition became enriched in sedimentary rock, forming the nodules we see today. As oceans begin to recede around the world the water within soon dried out and massive cracks formed. The chemicals within the dead sea life eventually crystallized and formed Aragonite ‘Crusts’ and drusy calcite crystals. There are two known places where you can get Septarian Nodules from. Utah and Madagascar. This Dragon Egg has come from Madagascar. 
Approximate measurements
9.1cm long, 7.4cm in diameter at widest point. 525grams

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