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Smudge Set. White Sage, Palo Santo, Selenite & Mahogany Obsidian


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This Pack contains.
 White Sage Loose Leave, around 7grams, New Zealand Grown.
One Palo Santo, from South America
One Mahogony Obsidian, from South America. 
One Satin Spar Selenite (Soft Mineral, Handle with care), from Morocco 
One Description printout. Much like what is described below.
This Basic Pack it the perfect ‘Go To’ Pack if you are new to smudging, as a gift pack or a go to box.
There are different ways of smudging. You can find this information in books, the internet or knowledge that’s been handed down. We recommend going with what works in with you.
Below is a brief description of what each item is for. Again, you may find more information else were.
White Sage Loose Leave
Proudly grown with love in the sunny Bay of plenty, Aotearoa. Yes, here in NZ
White sage has been traditionally used for clearing spaces and people’s auras, also used in Native American and other various ceremonies.
Having it in the loose-leaf form allows the user to do a quick cleans of a space if they feel it only needs a light going over and don’t need to grab a smudge stick. Or for healing work where a smudge stick might be a bit to smokey.
I highly recommend when burning to use a Paua shell or a ceramic dish to catch any embers. And if working inside when burning to keep rooms well ventilated. But not with a large breeze blowing though. Always keep an eye on your burning leave. Common sense is a wonderful thing.
This white sage is solely sold for the purpose of spiritual/metaphysical work/purposes. As mentioned about. Not for culinary of other internal uses.
Palo Santo
Palo Santo, or ‘Holy Wood’, (Bursera graveolens) is a natural wood known for centuries by the Incas and other South American indigenous cultures as a spiritual remedy. Burnt much like a sage smudge, for purifying, cleansing, and clearing negative energies. It creates an amazing aroma when burnt and the smoke is said to raise your vibration, enhance creativity, and clear the way for positive energy to flow.
Palo Santo from Peru. It is sustainably harvested only from naturally fallen branches.
Selenite to harmonies and help clear energies. And energy amplifier and helps to assist with positive intentions.
Raw Mahogany Obsidian to cut old ties. Obsidian is also a great protection stone. 

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