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Golden Healer Quartz Palm Stone



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Golden Healer Quartz Palm Stone
Golden Healer Quartz, also called Hematoid Quartz, is known for its golden/ hematoid/ iron type inclusions, producing a lovely golden colour within the Quartz. The Darker Red Hematoid Quartz is also known as Fire Quartz. 

Approximate measurements

6cm x 4.5cm x 1.9cm and 72grams

In addition

Golden Healer Quartz is a mesmerizing crystal renowned for its stunning golden hues and powerful healing properties. It's a variety of quartz crystals that contain natural iron oxide deposits, infusing it with warm, radiant tones. You'll find a harmonious blend of healing energies within its captivating depths, promoting balance, vitality, and spiritual growth. Golden Healer Quartz is believed to facilitate deep spiritual cleansing, amplifying intention setting and manifestation efforts. Its gentle yet potent vibrations resonate with the solar plexus chakra, fostering confidence, courage, and self-worth. Embrace the transformative power of Golden Healer Quartz to elevate your spiritual journey and illuminate your path towards enlightenment.

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