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Polyhedroid Agate off cuts



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Polyhedroid Agate, a marvel of nature's artistry, is a rare and exquisite variety of agate known for its geometric patterns resembling miniature polyhedron shapes. Scientifically composed primarily of quartz, with additional mineral inclusions contributing to its distinct patterns and colours, polyhedroid agate forms within cavities of volcanic rock where silica-rich fluids slowly crystallise over millions of years. Each piece showcases intricate arrangements of angular shapes and vibrant colors, making it a coveted treasure among collectors and crystal enthusiasts. Revered for its harmonizing energies and believed metaphysical properties, polyhedroid agate is thought to promote balance, stability, and inner strength. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this gemstone captures a snapshot of Earth's natural artistry, offering beauty and healing energy to those seeking it. 

The price is per piece and is selected at random upon purchase.

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