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Cracking Your Own Geode SMALL



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'Small Crack Your Own Geode'. These little Geodes contain sparkly Quartz.

Sized from 4 – 6cm and sold individually. 

Cracking Your Geode: A Step-by-Step Guide

Discover the hidden beauty inside your uncracked Quartz geode from Morocco with these simple steps. Before you begin, prioritize safety by wearing protective safety glasses and gloves. To prevent chips from flying, wrap the geode in an old towel or sock.

About Moroccan Geodes: These geodes are found in various regions of Morocco. They are created through a geological process that involves the gradual formation of mineral deposits within the cavities of rocks over millions of years.

Prepare Your Geode: Place the wrapped geode on a sturdy surface. Ensure you have a hammer ready for cracking.

Creating Weakness: Begin gently tapping around the geode's natural line or seam with the hammer. Start with light taps and gradually increase the force to create a weakness.

Even Pressure: Work your way around the geode, applying even pressure with the hammer. Continue tapping until the geode cracks open. Be patient; it may take several taps.

Reveal the Sparkle: Once cracked, carefully remove the pieces to reveal the sparkling crystals inside. Enjoy your unique geological treasure!

Remember, cracking a geode can be exciting, but safety is key. Follow these steps and enjoy the thrill of uncovering the natural beauty within your geode.

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