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Smudge Selection Box

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"Smudge Selection Box: This smudge box is perfect if you know a little about smudging but would like to try new materials or are unsure of your preference. This may be the ideal box set for discovering what you prefer."

This Box contains

One sustainably harvested Palo Santo
from Peru, sourced only from naturally fallen branches, ensuring the preservation of the environment.

One White Sage and Lavender blend Mini smudge stick Gown made in NZ.

One White sage Mini smudge grown and Made in NZ

A small amount of Loose-Leaf White Sage 100% NZ grown

One small length of braided sweet grass. Sourced from the northern prairies

X1 sheet of information.

Smudge Information

There are different ways of smudging. You can
find this information in books, the Internet, or knowledge handed down. We recommend going with what works for you.

 Below is a brief description of what each item is for. Again, you may find more information elsewhere.

 White sage has traditionally been used to clear spaces and people’s auras. It is also used in
Native American and other various ceremonies.

 Having it in loose-leaf form allows the user to clean a space quickly if they feel it only needs a light going over and doesn’t need to grab a smudge stick. This is also useful for healing,
where a smudge stick might be too smokey. Some people prefer the white sage to be bundled into a smudge stick to create more smoke. No right or wrong options exist between loose leaves and a smudge stick. It comes down to personal preference. 

Palo Santo, also known as ‘Holy Wood’ (Bursera graveolens), Is a natural wood with a rich history. The Incas and other South American indigenous cultures used it for centuries as a spiritual remedy. When burned, it releases a delightful aroma, and its smoke is
believed to elevate energy, boost creativity, and clear the path for
positive energy to flow.

 Lavender symbolizes peace, relaxation, tranquillity, clarity, rest and balance.

Sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata) is an ancient healing medicine of the Sioux and Cree indigenous people. It symbolises healing, peace, strength, and community (one strand is easily broken, but when weaved together like a community, the braid is strong). Smudging with
sweetgrass is said to purify and carry prayers afar.

When using this Smudge Box, we prioritise your safety. We highly recommend using a Paua shell or a ceramic dish to catch embers when burning. If working indoors, keep rooms well-ventilated. But not with a significant breeze blowing. Always keep an eye on your burning leaves. Remember, common sense is a beautiful thing.

 All materials in the set are solely sold for spiritual/metaphysical work, as mentioned, not for culinary or other
internal uses.

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